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Priscilla Ramos

Welcome to

 Pre – K


Dear Families,


Welcome to  Dr. Mario E. Ramirez Elementary!  The school year is quickly approaching and I am happy to be sharing it with you and your child. The first year of school is always exciting as we become familiar with friends and establish new routines. I hope that together we can help your child have a successful Pre-K experience!

Communication is key in my classroom!  Please always feel free to call me during conference time (3:00- 3:45) at (956)487-4457 if you have any questions or concerns. Please be sure to fill out the student information sheet to ensure I have all important information regarding your child.

Information to keep in mind:

First day of school: I am encouraging you to drop off your child, say your goodbyes, give each other hugs, and then leave. As parents, I know this may be difficult, but this truly works best for your child.

Homework: Homework is sent home on Monday- Thursday in your child’s homework folder.  Test will be given on Fridays. 

Behavior Plans: Please review the classroom rules with your child (this may be done at home). 

Classroom Rules                                             Disciplinary Procedures

We walk inside the building                      1. 1st warning-green face

We listen to our teachers                         2. 2nd warning-yellow face

We share at all times                                3. 3rd warning- red face

We clean up after ourselves                         (teacher/parent conference)

We take care of our school

Please read the disciplinary procedures that will take place if a behavior issue occurs.If you have any questions regarding the classroom rules and disciplinary procedures please let me know.

Just remember that my door is always open and we will work together throughout the year to ensure a successful year for your child.  Let the fun-filled learning begin!



Mrs. P. Ramos


Here’s the ‘scoop’ on Pre – K!


School Hours

Breakfast 7:25-7:55 am

School begins at 8:00 am

School is dismissed at 3:00 pm


Office Phone (956) 487- 4457